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“The beauty of this programme was that it had expert lecturers and friendly tutors. The taught modules highlighted the interaction of both molecular and diagnostic pathology…………It was good to meet people from different disciplines and to learn from the experiences in their field.”

Dr Lisa Siu Lai Ping (PDipMDPath 2010-12 Graduate)

“It is the first organized programme of its kind in Hong Kong. Molecular pathology has become increasingly important in diagnosis and in routine work. Molecular results are often used to guide treatments. This course enabled me to update my knowledge in molecular pathology and to appreciate its current status in the medical field……..After attending the course, I knew the basic language and techniques to converse with the molecular scientists. It was a good course and a good starting point to learn the techniques, language and important developments in molecular pathology.”

Dr Kan Chi Hang (PDipMDPath 2010-12 Graduate)

“The molecular part of this programme is very attractive to clinicians, especially to the clinicians at fellowship level.”

Dr Ko Chun Hung (PCMDPath 2010-12 Graduate)

"The course provided both clinical and technical knowledge for molecular diagnosis, which help bridging the gap between our routine technical work as well as the underlying clinical knowledge. With the back-up of clinical knowledge, we can provide more timely and reliable results."

Mr Shek Chiu Man (PCMDPath 2013 student)

“Both diagnostic and molecular pathology were useful and relevant to my daily job as a cytotechnologist…..it has enabled me to understand the market’s point of view so that I can know what kind of personalized medicine should be developed………. I was eager to acquire more pathology background so that I can communicate with the clinical staff more effectively and supervise laboratory staff more easily…………..The cases taught in class could be applied in the laboratory and this was very important to us. It gave us more in-depth knowledge to know the rationale behind the tests. Now I understand the whole picture and can see how things are correlated.”

Mr Leung Chin Pang (PCMDPath 2013 student)




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Comments from Alumni & Students

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