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Course Fees

- Diploma Programme (PDipMDPath): HK$56,700#^

- Occasional students: HK$3,600-8,100 depending on course or specific section to be taken.

The specific sections include:

Molecular Pathology Course
(PATH6001/PATH6002/PATH6003/PATH6007/ PATH6009)

HK$ 8,100
Diagnostic Pathology Course
HK$ 8,100
PATH6004-1  Chemical Pathology Course HK$ 3,600
PATH6004-2  Diagnostic Haematology & Transfusion Medicine Course HK$ 4,200
PATH6008-1  Molecular Microbiology HK$ 4,400
PATH6010-1^ Immunology HK$ 3,250
PATH6010-2^ Renal Pathology Update and Transplant Related Pathology HK$ 4,100

# Fees are payable on an annual basis in two equal installments
^ Subject to University's approval




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