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Professor US Khoo

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Dr Jason CC So


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Principles and Techniques of Molecular Pathology
Dr Jason CC So & Prof US Khoo

Clinical Applications of Molecular Testing
Prof US Khoo & Prof Annie Cheung

Fundamentals of Genetic Testing
Dr Jason CC So & Prof US Khoo

Chemical Pathology, Diagnostic Haematology and Transfusion Medicine
Prof CW Lam & Dr Jason CC So

Essential Anatomical Pathology for Clinicians
Prof Annie Cheung & Dr KW Chan

Practical Course in Laboratory Methods
Dr Judy Yam

Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Update
Prof US Khoo & Dr WC Yam

Clinical Applications of Genetic Testing in Inherited Diseases and Genetic Counselling
Prof CW Lam & Prof US Khoo

Renal Pathology, Immunology & Transplant Related Pathology
Prof US Khoo & Dr Regina Lo




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