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It is a 2-year part-time programme consisting of weekend sessions offered every 2 years.

Courses and teaching schedules (tentative and is under modification)

Molecular Pathology Courses


Principles and Techniques of Molecular Pathology
(19-20 November 2016)**
- click here for 2016-2018 timetable [Updated]

PATH6002 Clinical Applications of Molecular Testing
(4-5 March 2017)**
- click here for 2016-2018 timetable [Updated]
PATH6007 Practical Course in Laboratory Methods
(May/June 2017)
- click here for 2016-2018 timetable [Updated]
PATH6003 Fundamentals of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Disorders
(3-5 ,11 & 18 June 2017)**
- click here for 2017 timetable [Updated]
PATH6009 Clinical Applications of Genetic Testing in Inherited Diseases and Genetic Counselling
(26 August, 2,9 & 16 September 2017)
- Click here for 2016-2018 timetable [Updated 31.8.2017]
- Click here for clinical attachment [Updated 27.7.2017]

** With Practical Session scheduled on 3-5 June 2017. [Updated]

Diagnostic Pathology Courses


Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Update
(14-15 October 2017 for lectures in Molecular Microbiology;
choice of one course from Infectious Diseases Update, check dates from website http://www.hkucoi.hku.hk/pdipcapp.pdf)

- Click here for 2014-2018 timetable of Molecular Microbiology[Updated 3.11.2017]
PATH6004 Chemical Pathology, Diagnostic Haematology and Transfusion Medicine
(4-5 & 11 November 2017)
- click here for timetable [updated 23.10.2017]
PATH6005 Essential Anatomical Pathology for Clinicians
(more suitable for medically qualified practitioners/clinicians)
(3-4 & 10 March 2018)
- click here for 2016-2018 timetable (tentative) [Updated 2.2.2018]

Renal Pathology, Immunology and Transplant Related Pathology
(5-6 & 12 May 2018)
- click here for 2016-2018 timetable (tentative)






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