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SO Chi-chiu, Jason
Clinical Associate Professor

Diagnostic Haematology and Inherited Haematological Diseases

Research Description

I am interested in the various fields of diagnostic haematopathology including peripheral blood and bone marrow morphology, immunophenotyping, haemoglobin study, coagulation and blood banking. My current research interests are on the genetic basis of thalassaemia and other inherited and haematological diseases.

Awards and Honours

Fellowship of the Ho Hung Chiu Education Foundation 2003

Selected Publications

Researcher Profile on HKU Scholars Hub

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So CC, Chan AYY, Ma ESK. Novel point mutation of α2-globin gene (HBA2) and a rare 2.4-kb deletion of α1-globin gene (HBA1) identified in two Chinese patients with hemoglobin H disease. Hemoglobin. In press

Ip HW, So CC. Diagnosis and prevention of thalassaemia. Cri Rev Clin Lab Sc. 2013;50:125-41.

Lo VM, Ma ES, Chau EM, So JC. A spuriously 'normal' haemoglobin A1c result. Ann Clin Biochem 2012;49:408-11.

Verhovsek M, So CC, O’Shea T, Gibney GT, Ma ESK,  Steinberg MH, Chui DHK. Is HbA2 level a reliable diagnostic measurement for β-thalassemia trait in people with iron deficiency? Am J Hematol 2012;87:114-6 (co-first author)

So CC, Chan AYY, Chow EYD, Lin SY, Yip SF, Szeto SC, Chan LC. Haemoglobin Bonn in a Chinese family as a cause of spurious hypoxaemia by pulse oximetry. J Clin Path 2010;63:947-9

So CC, So ACY, Chan AYY, Tsang STY, Ma ESK, Chan LC. Detection and characterisation of beta globin gene cluster deletions in Chinese using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification. J Clin Pathol  2009;62:1107-11.

So CC, Song YQ, Tsang ST, Tang LF, Chan AYY, Ma ES, Chan LC. The HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is a quantitative trait locus controlling foetal haemoglobin level in beta thalassaemia carriers. J Med Genet 2008;45:745-51.

Gibney GT, Panhuysen CI,So JC, Ma ES, Ha SY, Li CK, Lee AC, Li CK, Yuen HL, Lau YL, Johnson DM, Farrell JJ, Bisbee AB, Farrer LA, Steinberg MH, Chan LC, Chui DH. Variation and heritability of Hb F and F-cells among beta-thalassemia heterozygotes in Hong Kong. Am J Hematol 2008;83:458-64. (co-first author)

So CC, Chan AYY, Tsang STY, Lee ACW, Au WY, Ma ESK, Chan LC. A novel beta-delta globin gene fusion, Anti-Lepore Hong Kong, leads to over-expression of delta globin chain and a mild thalassaemia intermedia phenotype when co-inherited with β0-thalassaemia. Br J Haematol 2007,136:158-62.

Chan AYY, So CC, Ma ESK, Chan LC. A laboratory strategy for genotyping hemoglobin H disease in the Chinese. J Clin Pathol 2007;60:931-4. (co-first author)