Dr BEH Swan Lip, Philip

Dr BEH Swan Lip, Philip

Principal Clinical Practitioner

  • MBBS (HK), DMJ (Clin et Path) (Lond), CTLHE (HK), FHKCPath, FHKAM (Pathology)
Giving a voice to the dead and the injured – forensic medicine
Research Description

Current research has focused on the development and maintenance of a Hong Kong Homicide Monitoring Database. The data collected in this ongoing project is proving to be important for research into the many different types of homicides. A successful example of its utilization has been the study report on Homicide-Suicide in Hong Kong, a comprehensive description and analysis of the many aspects of the tragic circumstances that lead to homicide-suicides in Hong Kong. Other examples include a study that associates injuries on victims of homicides with the victim-offender relationship and post-killing behavior of offenders correlated their relationship with the victim and other offender attributes. Studies into many other areas are on-going. The other area of expertise and study has been the issues surrounding sexual assaults in Hong Kong. Studies on prevalence, and victim and offender characteristics have been published, as well as a recent study on attrition rates. Continuous advocacy for the improvement of services to these victims and studies to fill gaps in current knowledge are being pursued.

An emerging area of interest is that of exploring the reasons for a decline in autopsies; even in medicolegal cases. Attempts are made to explore the attitudes of the key players: Coroners, pathologists, police officers, next-of-kin as well as those of the general public and assessing their impact on the likelihood of an autopsy.

Cooperation with colleagues in the HK Jockey Club Centre for Research and Prevention of Suicides have led to some publications looking at the impact of suicide on survivors and the identification of needs for bereavement services for survivors of suicides as well as for those of other forms of sudden deaths. Forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine is a rich field for applied research and continuous efforts are made to collaborate with and support colleagues with a common interest.

Media Interview

RTHK documentary "The Making of Healers" (大醫之道) - Episode on "Master Teachers" [From 08:36] here

Awards and Honors
  • Member of International Editorial Board Medicine Science & Law 2009-2010
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Committee. International Academy of Legal Medicine 2009-2011
  • President Hong Kong Forensic Science Society 2009-1010
  • President – World Police Medical Officers 2005-2008
  • President-elect Hong Kong Forensic Science Society 2006-2008
  • Chief Examiner (Forensic Pathology) – Hong Kong College of Pathologists 2006-2010
  • Vice-President – International Association of Forensic Sciences 2002-2005
  • Faculty Teaching Medal – Faculty of Medicine, HKU 2003
  • SEDA Accredited Teacher in Higher Education
  • Co-Investigator in RGC Grant on Homicide in Three Chinese Cities
  • Co-Investigator in Lotteries Fund Study Grant on Homicide-Suicide in Hong Kong
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member, Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Elsevier) (2005)

Selected Publications

Researcher Profile on HKU Scholars Hub

Book Chapters & Monograph

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