Endowed Professorships
Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship
Croucher Senior Research Fellowship
Courcher Innovation Award
HKU Outstanding Researcher Award


The World Academy of Science TWAS 2014 prize (Medical Science)
Professor NG Oi Lin Irene
Research Output Prize

"Heritable Germline Epimutation of MSH2 in a Family with Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer", Nature Genetics, 2006, 38, 10 (2006), 1,178–83 by Tsun Leung Chan, Siu Tsan Yuen, Chi Kwan Kong, Yee Wai Chan, Annie S.Y. Chan, Wai Fu Ng, Wai Yin Tsui, Michelle W.S. Lo, Wing Yip Tam, Vivian S.W. Li, Suet Yi Leung.

Heritable Somatic Methylation and Inactivation of MSH2 in Families with Lynch Syndrome due to Deletion of the 3' Exons of TACSTD1”, Nature Genetics, 41, No. 1, 112-117 (2009) by Marjolijn J.L. Ligtenberg, Roland P. Kuiper, Tsun Leung Chan, Monique Goossens, Konnie M. Hebeda, Marsha Voorendt, Tracy Y.H. Lee, Danielle Bodmer, Eveline Hoenselaar, Sandra J.B. Hendriks-Cornelissen, Wai Yin Tsui, Chi Kwan Kong, Han G. Brunner, Ad Geurts van Kessel, Siu Tsan Yuen, J. Han J.M. van Krieken, Suet Yi Leung and Nicoline Hoogerbrugge.

“A Comprehensive Human Gastric Cancer Organoid Biobank Captures Tumor Subtype Heterogeneity and Enables Therapeutic Screening”, Cell Stem Cell, Vol. 23, Issue 6, 882-897 (2018) by Helen H.N. Yan, Hoi Cheong Siu, Simon Law, Siu Lun Ho, Sarah S.K. Yue, Wai Yin Tsui, Dessy Chan, April S. Chan, Stephanie MaKa On Lam, Sina Bartfeld, Alice H.Y. Man, Bernard C.H. Lee, Annie S.Y. Chan, Jason W.H. Wong, Priscilla S.W. Cheng

Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award

“CD24(+) liver tumor-initiating cells drive self-renewal and tumor initiation through STAT3-mediated NANOG regulation”, Cell Stem Cell, Vol. 8-9, Issue 1, 50-63 (2011) by Terence K.W. Lee, Antonia Castilho, Vincent C.H. Cheung, Kwan Ho Tang, Stephanie Ma, Irene O.L. Ng.

SENP1 promotes hypoxia-induced cancer stemness by HIF-1α deSUMOylation and SENP1/HIF-1α positive feedback loop. Gut 2017; 66:2149-2159 by Cui CP, Wong CC, Kai AK, Ho DW, Lau EY, Tsui YM, Chan LK, Cheung TT, Chok KS, Chan AC, RC Lo, Lee JM, Lee TK, Ng IO.