Professor LU Liwei

Prof LU Liwei

Professor (Immunology)

  • MMed (Norman Bethune), PhD (McGill)
Research Area
Lymphocyte development and its dysregulation in immune disease
Research Description
My research has been focusing on lymphocyte development and its dysregulation in autoimmune diseases. Studies in normal and mutant mice have aimed to examine lymphocyte apoptosis and its role in maintaining quality control and homeostasis in the immune system. We are also interested in studying the dysregulated cytokine production and lymphocyte function during the pathogenesis of autoimmune disorders. Using an animal model for human rheumatoid arthritis, we are developing novel strategies for targeting TNF family cytokines in treating autoimmune arthritis. Further knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms underlying lymphocyte development and function should shed light on the prophylaxis and therapy of immune diseases.
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Research Interest
  • Identification of genes involved in regulating lymphocyte development and function.
  • Regulation of lymphocyte apoptosis in the quality control and homeostatic regulation.
  • Gene silencing of novel TNF family cytokines for treating autoimmune disease.

Major Research Grants

RGC - General Research Fund (GRF) (Formerly Known as Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (CERG))

  • Role of leptin in regulating B cell maturation and function
  • Plasma cell development and its regulation in autoimmunity
  • Natural killer cells and the pathogenesis of autoimmunity
  • B cell apoptosis and its regulation in autoimmunity

Innovation and Technology Support Programme

  • Innovative development of a gene-targeted therapy for rheumatoid arthritis

National Science Foundation of China and Research Grants Council of Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme

  • Regulation of de ndritic cell function and its therapeutic application inautoimmune diabetes
  • Functional interaction between dendritic cells and B cells in autoimmunity

National Key Basic Research Program of China

  • Role of antigen-presenting cells in immune response and tolerance
  • Immunopathogenesis and therapeutic intervention of rheumatoid arthritis


Professor LU graduated in Medicine from Jiangsu University and received his PhD from McGill University. After completing his postdoctoral research at the University of Toronto, he joined the University of Hong Kong in 2000 and is currently Professor of Immunology in the Department of Pathology.

The study of immune dysregulations in autoimmune diseases is the main focus of Professor Lu’s research. During the last ten years, his laboratory has been exploring novel strategies for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, a crippling disease with high social relevance in Hong Kong. His team was among the first to successfully treat autoimmune arthritis by silencing B-cell activating factor in a preclinical study, which has significant therapeutic implications for the effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Professor Lu is an internationally recognised expert in the field of autoimmunity and has served as the Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Immunology. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading immunology and rheumatology journals. His research achievements have been recognised with numerous awards including the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship in 2012 and the HKU Outstanding Researcher Award in 2013.

Awards and Honors
  • World’s top 1% of scientists (ESI, 2019)
  • Councilor, Federation of ImmunologicalSocieties of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA) (2015- )
  • Beijing Science and Technology Award (2015)
  • Outstanding Researcher Award , University of Hong Kong (2013)
  • Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award (2012)
  • Chairman, Hong Kong Society for Immunology (2007- )
  • Faculty Teaching Medal, Faculty of Medicine, HKU (2008)
  • Young Investigator Award, Hong Kong Society for Immunology (2003)
  • David Rae Memorial Award, Leukemia Research Fund of Canada (2000)

  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
  • Associate Editor-in-Chief, Cellular and Molecular Immunology
  • Associate Editor, Cytokine
  • Editor, Frontiers in Immunology

Selected Publications

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Researcher Profile on HKU Scholars Hub

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Other Publications

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