Farewell to the University Pathology Building (UPB) - 21 October 2017

About Unversity Pathology Building

The University Pathology Building (UPB) was decommissioned in 2018 as part of the Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) redevelopment plan. Since its establishment, UPB played important roles in the undergraduate and postgraduate education of pathology in Hong Kong as well as breakthroughs in research and advancement of clinical services.

Besides lectures and practical classes for pathology teaching for medical students, postgraduate courses for medical and related professions were also held in UPB. UPB was also the venue for the annual Hong Kong College of Pathologists examinations. Prior to its decommission, educational workshop for the public, particularly high school students, were often conducted in UPB as activities to publicize the International Pathology Day.

To cherish fond memories of UPB and to celebrate its historical importance, the University of Hong Kong Departments of Microbiology and Pathology jointly organized a “Farewell to UPB” on October 21, 2017.